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World President Message

World President

Ismail Haznedar

Greetings and Happy New Year to JCI members, partners and friends all over the world!

2015 is a unique and important year for JCI. This year, we honor our past as we celebrate a bright and exciting future. With the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement, 2015 is an opportunity for JCI members, alumni, partners and friends to unite for a better world. This is our opportunity to highlight the positive change young active citizens have created throughout the past 100 years, while continuing to empower young people to take action for sustainable impact for the next 100 years. I encourage each of you to think about how your JCI Local and National Organization can take advantage of this great opportunity and share JCI’s story of 100 years of impact in your community.

In 2015, I call on you to Commit to the future, Connect with the future and Care for the future. Every action we take in the present, paves the way for a better world for future generations. As young active citizens, it is our duty to unite fellow citizens from the business, government and civil sectors of society. This year is about making those connections; connections between our past and future, connections between local and international communities, connections between JCI members and fellow active citizens across all sectors of society. Our actions will allow us to commit to the betterment of our communities, connect our global network and care for the future of our world. Starting at the local level, with JCI members like you, I know we can take great action this year to move us closer toward our goal of being the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

Thank you for your continued support, your smiles and I hope to see you somewhere in the world very soon. I wish each of you a happy and healthy start to your year. Commit, Connect and Care for the future of JCI and our world as we celebrate 100 Years of Impact in 2015.



Ismail Haznedar is strategist and business consultant, with a successful professional experience in start-up, business modelling and value creation process of companies. Presently he is the Managing Director of Stratejik Isler, a consultancy company focusing on growth, development and strategy execution. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Fellow Member of Strategic Planning Society (SPS).

Born in 1976 in Tetovo, Macedonia, Ismail Haznedar graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU), earning a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Management in 2000. He also completed Masters Degree on Marketing from Marmara University in 2005. He speaks Turkish and English.

Specialties: Growth, Development, Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis, Strategy Execution, Controlling, Leadership, Entrepreneurship


JCI Career

Ismail Haznedar is elected as Executive Vice President for year 2014. Haznedar joined JCI Eurasia Istanbul in 2005. He became Chapter President in 2008, honored as Most Outstanding President of the Year, National General Secretary in 2009 and National President in 2010, with highest growth rate in Europe Area. He served as JCI Vice President assigned for Europe during 2011 and UN Affairs Commissioner for Europe during 2012. In year 2013 was appointed as Chief Executive Assistant to the President.

He is honored to be a life time member and Senator (#69159), is Foundation Member, OMOIYARI Trainer and Certified National Trainer (CNT).

He participated to nine Area Conferences and six World Congress, and three Global Partnership Summit. Ismail Haznedar served as member of the 2013 Strategic Planning Committee.



Ismail Haznedar

2015 JCI President